Fitness Swim Fitness Swim


Swimming is a great form of exercise for any dogs. It is low impact and non weight bearing that does not stress on its joints during the swim. It is not only for muscle building and conditioning purposes, it can be great fun too!

Each fitness swim session has a 30 mins duration and every dog has to wear a life jacket as this will allow the handler to pull the dog out of the water without endangering themselves or putting the dog at risk.

Dogs who have mild arthritis condition, or otherwise healthy, can opt for fitness swim program. They can still enjoy the exact same benefits as hydrotherapy like improving fitness and stamina, increasing muscle strength and range of movement etc and also giving high energy dogs a fun and healthy physical outlet to release their energy.

Toys will be provided during the fitness swim. In any case of toys being damaged during the swim, don't worry. It will be on our expense!


What if your dog has never done swimming before?

Do not worry! The first swim will be accompanied either by our therapist or trained staff who will take great care by introducing your furkid into the pool slowly so it will feel safe and at ease in the water.

You can rest assured that we do not believe in dumping dogs straight into the water. It is inappropriate and it will only traumatise them as not all dogs know how to swim instinctively. Before they start to swim, we will hold your furkids close to us so as to let them feel safe and have a sense of security. Then we will carry them into the water and move around the pool slowly. Once they are more relaxed and start to paddle, we will guide them to swim safely in the pool.

All fitness swims will be assisted by trained staff to ensure your dog's safety in the pool at all times and also to be their playmates! Alternatively, do inform us in advance if you wish to be your dog's swimming companion and have fun with your beloved pooch at no extra charge. Shower facilities are provided at the centre.

You will need to bring along your own swim shirt, shorts/ pants and a towel.


Companion swim (only available in Jalan Gelenggang)

Owners can enjoy a private fun bonding swim session with their dogs. Contact us for more details!

  • - Prices will be subjected to 7% GST
  • * Fitness swim package is valid for 1 year
  • * Fitness swim package is transferable to other dogs in the same family
  • * Owner has to be at least 18yrs of age to enter pool
  • * Shower facilities are provided for the owner
  • ** Showering by our staffs will be charged separately
  • ** $4 (Small), $6 (Medium), and $10 (Large) for showering.